Edson Pavoni is a Brazilian artist and technologist researching and proposing new imaginaries for the idea of connection.

He often materializes his concepts in architectural scale interactive installations but also in poetry, photography, film and interactive digital platforms.

He has exhibited at festivals, galleries and institutions in Beijing, Dubai, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

1984, live and work in São Paulo.

Twitter: @edsonpavoni
Instagram: @edsonpavoni
email: edson ( at ) d3 ( dot ) do

Em Exibição Permanente

2019 - Over the Face of New Waters - Accenture headquarters, São Paulo.

2017 - The White Mirror - Nubank’s headquarters, São Paulo.

Exposições Coletivas

2018 - A Petal for Three - Baró Gallery Building, Youtube Insights Event, São Paulo.

2017 - The Aura Pendant - Design and Fashion Museum of Lisbon, Lisbon.

2017 - A Place to Connect - SP Arte, São Paulo.

2017 - An Infinite Track - Inhotim, Meca Festival, Brumadinho.

2016 - The Love Project - Dubai Design District, Dubai.

2015 - The Love Project - Baró Gallery, São Paulo.

2015 - A Place to Connect - Dubai Design District, Dubai.

2015 - A Place to departure - Simultaneously at Al Fahidi, Dubai, Dubai Design District, Dubai and Paulista Avenue, São Paulo.

2014 - A Place to departure - Simultaneously at Galeria Coletivo Amor de Madre, São Paulo and Caochangdi Art District, Beijing.