Transforming the emotions of telling a love story into a unique object.

Aura Pendant, 2018 is a software for mobile devices that captures a person's emotions through voice and heartrate, and transforms those emotions into a unique jewel that can be printed on precious metals.

When opening the application the person is invited to find a quiet and private place, where they feel free to tell their greatest love story. By covering the camera and flash of the cell phone with the index finger an algorithm that uses the change of the skin color detects the person's heartrate. Through the microphone, emotions in the voice are collected. The immersive buttonless interface works only with gestures and voice commands.

Aura's mission is to expand access to technology created after the 4 years of research and development for the Love Project. Technology capable of creating unique objects with high power of sentimental connection using algorithms and digital fabrication.

Guto Requena and Edson Pavoni

Founding partners:
Guto Requena, Edson Pavoni, João De Souza, Eduardo Dias

Development team:
João Marcos de Souza, Kaio Medau, Pagu Senna, Jonathan Querubina, Diego Spinola, Luka Brajovic and Luiz Gustavo Zanotello, Victor Gama, Robson Coelho, Mariana Schetini and Vitor Reis

3D Printing Technology:
Eduardo Dias

Luciana Dal Ri

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