Estão a
as Águas (The Waters Are Breaking)

An immersive experience at the intersection between theater and performance.

Estão a Arrebentar as Águas, 2019, written and performed by Gabriela Veiga, is a documentary project that shows the audience the research of the actress on the theme "separation". It is inspired by the experience with the death of her grandmother and the work of the German philosopher and psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, who addresses the relationship between qualities of love and the awareness of being separated.

The projections created by the artist Edson Pavoni in a procedural and numerical way, interact with the character of the piece, creating different universes of fluctuation, fall, speed, dance and diving as she relives her situations of separation and questions two of the most famous phrases in the world - "I love you" and "Made in China".

Estão a Arrebentar as Águas had its premiere at the Mindelact theater festival in São Vicente, Cape Green and a season in São Paulo, Brazil at the Teatro de Contêiner.

Gabriela Veiga

Art and Visual Direction:
Edson Pavoni

Assistant director:
Bruna Brignol

Dramaturgy and performance:
Gabriela Veiga

Original Soundtrack:
André Abujamra

Telumi Hellen

Light and technological structure:
Thiago Capella

Emerson Fernandes

Rodrigo Rosa and Giorgio D'Onofrio

Dida Andrade and Andradina Azevedo