Sobre a Face de
Novas Águas (On The Face of New Waters)

Everything that breathes, grows and feels, one day emerged from the water and through this common origin we are all connected.

Sobre a Face de Novas Águas, 2019 is a permanent interactive installation that celebrates the origin of life and our connection with nature.

The installation is a hanging garden composed of 6 kinetic sculptures. Each sculpture has a suspended part that houses live plants and one that is a container for water.

In its breathing state, the facility moves up and down experiencing new airs and altitudes. When the plants are thirsty and need water, the installation goes down to the water mirror so the plants get wet.

When a person faces the installation, the garden feels that presence and performs a connection movement, going up or down until the sculpture is at the height of the visitor's eyes.

In this work, the artist Edson Pavoni expands his research on connection towards plants and the environment and proposes a reconnection with nature that listens and feels.

Edson Pavoni

in colaboration with:
Pax e Todos Arquitetura

Production by Spaces&Creatures:
Gui Bullejos, Diego Spinola, Gabriela Veiga, Junior de Gois, Lina Lopes and Maurício Veiga

Architecture by Todos Architecture:
Fabio Mota, Camila Escobar, Rogério Gurgel, Sandra Telles and Vinícius Fernandes

Modeling in collaboration with Pax:
Ana Carolina, Paula Sertório and Victor Paixão

Carpentry by Zeromáquina:
Ana Carolina, Paula Sertório and Victor Paixão

Prototyping space:

Photography and video:
Triangle Studio

Commissioned by Accenture