The Love

A proposal for sustainability through affection and technology.

The Love Project, 2013 is an installation that transforms emotions captured from love story narratives into unique objects.

During the performance a person was dressed with several biometric sensors capable of measuring the variations of their emotions. Then they are alone in a room with the mission of telling their greatest love story. The sensors capture emotions and the algorithm developed especially for this installation turns the data into a single object that is then printed in 3D.

The Love Project discusses and proposes a future where everyday objects will be designed to have intrinsic emotional value and therefore be more durable.

Conceived together with artist and friend Guto Requena, it has already been assembled in São Paulo and Dubai and collected more than 100 love stories between 2013 and 2015.

Guto Requena and Edson Pavoni

Development team:
João Marcos de Souza, Mariana Schetini, Vitor Reis and Victor Sardenberg, Diego Spinola, Luka Brajovic, Luiz Gustavo Zanotello and Pagu Senna

Grasshopper Consultant:
Victor Sardenberg

3D printing partner for 3 final pieces:

Real-time 3D printing partner:

Luciana Dal Ri and Jorge Teivelis Neto

Raphael Fagundes and Jorge Teivelis Neto