The White

A celebration of the power that creates the future. Diversity.

A 22 meter long mural, apparently analog, which reveals itself to be digital and dynamic with the presence of passersby. The presence of a person in the space is projected as a large creature made of a mass of light almost 4 meters high that follows the person for the entire length of the installation.

Each person is followed by a new creature with different shapes, colors and behaviors. When two creatures touch, they both expand and celebrate the connection. The touch is felt throughout the luminous extension of the installation, as if the entire space was designed for that moment.

The White Mirror, 2017 discusses the transformative potential of recognizing and overlapping our differences with individuals to collectively create a future that breaks with the established.

The installation, commissioned by Nubank, has been on permanent display since 2017 and open to visitors at the company's headquarters on the west side of the city of São Paulo.

Edson Pavoni

Production Strategy and Design Leader:
Carolina Anselmo

Lucas F. Artacho, Junior Góis and Gui Bullejos

André Biagioni and Dimitri Lima

Software, content and motion:
Dimitre Lima

Creative Coding:
Henry Perigo

Assembly leader:
Erick Maniusis

Photography and video:
Rafael Socrates

Commissioned by Nubank