Uma Pétala
Para Três
(One Petal for Three)

An intense celebration of connection and union that, in the end, ends up fragmenting all things.

Uma Pétala para Três, 2018 is a kinetic installation of architectural dimensions that celebrates the beauty and complexity of establishing multiple personal connections simultaneously.

About a hundred suspended mirrors give body to a creature 12 meters wide and long that moves organically creating below it a limbic space of connection and interaction.

When 3 people physically connect below one of the creature's 3 ends, a set of sensors recognize this presence and, through an invisible system of motors, cables and pulleys, the creature performs a choreographed approach movement to participate and celebrate this connection.

Uma Pétala para Três reflects on a world in which the amount of connections that one can make during one's life only increases, which consequently also increases the complexity of relationships. The fragments of the image of each one are constantly in motion mixing with the fragments of the identity of others in an exponentially dynamic choreography.

Edson Pavoni

in colaboration with:
Lina Lopes and Muti Randolph

Production by Spaces&Creatures:
Gui Bullejos, Diego Spinola, Gabriela Veiga, Junior de Gois, Lucas Falcão Artacho, Rafael Neponuceno, Pedro Setubal, Pedro Febrônio, Mari Nagem, Mariana Lacerda and Jonathan Querubina

Scenography by Casa Caucaia:
Eduardo Marcondes, Sarah Beglionini and Carolina Brandão

Hands Agency:
Marcelo Lenhard, Fernanda Tchernobilsky, Rafael Najm, André Patrício, Fernanda Peltier and Thays Barbosa

Prototyping space:

Photography and video:
Rafael Socrates

Commissioned by Youtube