Author of Invisible Blue, a light sculpture about the unseen connections of the art world. A collaboration with pioneer network scientist Albert-Laszlo Barabási. Currently in exhibition at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photographs of the Invisible Blue installation at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest by Bálint Jaska. Photographs of the Invisible Blue installation at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest by Bálint Jaska. Photographs of the Invisible Blue installation at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest by Bálint Jaska.

Author of the Inumeráveis Memorial, 2020 (Innumerable Memorial) and of the vision of a memory space for the post-pandemic city of São Paulo. A healing journey out in the open, where air will no longer be lacking.

With the belief that stories penetrate hearts in places where statistics do not reach, the Inumeráveis Memorial, 2020 is dedicated to telling the story of each of the victims of the coronavirus in Brazil.

In 2013 he created his first work proposing a new form of connection. What if you could feel the touch of someone from the other side of the world?

A Place to Departure, 2013 created a sensory bridge between Beijing and São Paulo. When one person touched the glass of the installation in Beijing and another touched the glass in São Paulo in the same place and at the same time, the two physically felt that they had touched each other.

"A Place to Departure grants an opportunity to meet the other side of the World naturally attractive for an artist deprived of a Passport by the authorities," said journalist Anne-France Berthelon, for Next Libération about artist Ai Weiwei's visit to the work.

For the work Uma Pétala para Três, 2018 (A Petal for three), being inspired by an intense and troubled passion involving three people, he created an interactive installation that embraced three visitors when they stopped in each of the installation's corners. A celebration of an intense state of connection that culminates in the fragmentation of all things.

Expanding his connection research towards plants and the environment, Sobre a Face de Novas Águas, 2019 (Over The Face of New Waters) proposes a reconnection with nature that listens and feels. A hanging garden that moves into the water when it is thirsty and connects with human visitors placing itself at eye level.

In order to create new imaginaries for the diversity theme, The White Mirror, 2017 celebrates the moment of connection between the subjectivities of each individual and the power of these encounters to create the new.

For his first foray into the world of theater, he created the generative projections and visuals for the play Estão à Arrebentar as Águas, 2019 (The Waters Are Breaking) by Gabriela Veiga about connections between pain, beauty, mourning and life after death.

To propose new ways of connecting with the objects we buy and consume, The Love Project, 2013 transforms a person's emotions by telling a love story in a unique object that can be touched.

As a result, Aura, 2018 was born, a digital experience where anyone anywhere in the world can transform their love story into a unique object.

In addition to installations, architecture and digital platforms, Edson Pavoni also dedicated himself to other media such as photography and poetry.

Primeiro Sentido (First Sense) is an unfinished photographic series in which the artist researches the human responses to touch and the quality of the connections that arise from this act.

"Touch is our first sense. It is the first that we have developed in our mother's womb and since then our main human tool of connection."

behind the courtain of a waterfall
standing half Oxum half mirror
a woman showing no fear of being naked
opens her eyes looking exactly into mine
and without moving anything but her arm
takes a rose crystal egg from
the place in her body that bleeds