A Petal for Three

site-specific installation / 2018
A Petal for Three is an interactive installation composed of hundreds of hanging mirrors that get activated when three visitors stop in each of the installation's corners. It addresses an intense state of connection, one that leads to the fragmentation of its full structure.
A Petal for Three video introduction, 1 min.
Hanging from the ceiling are a hundred triangular mirrors which form a 12 meter wide structure. Beneath it, a space for connection and interaction is created.

Through presence sensors, the triangles move according to the public's explorations of that space. When three people stand by the structure's ends, their presence is recognized.

This activates an invisible system of motors, cables and pulleys that allow the mirrors on the ceiling to perform choreographed movements in response to the visitors' connection.
Visitors interact with the kinetic installation A Petal for Three.
Photos by Rafael Socrates.
The amount of connections that one can make during one's life will only increase. We will never have fewer connections, our relationships will never become less complex. - Edson Pavoni
That complexity, the same present in the structure of the installation, is the driving force of meaningful and intense connections. By looking up at the mirror fragments suspended on the ceiling, each person's image is seen in constant motion but, at the same time, integrating one single, and much larger, picture.
image image
Visitors interact with the kinetic installation A Petal for Three.
Photos by Rafael Socrates.

Edson Pavoni, artist

In collaboration with
Lina Lopes & Muti Randolph


Spaces&Creatures - Gui Bullejos, Diego Spinola, Gabriela Veiga, Junior de Gois, Lucas Falcão Artacho, Rafael Neponuceno, Pedro Setubal, Pedro Febrônio, Mari Nagem, Mariana Lacerda & Jonathan Querubina

Casa Caucaia - Eduardo Marcondes, Sarah Beglionini & Carolina Brandão

Hands Agency
Marcelo Lenhard, Fernanda Tchernobilsky, Rafael Najm, André Patrício, Fernanda Peltier & Thays Barbosa

Prototyping space

Photography and video
Rafael Socrates