Will technology drive us apart or bring us closer together?

Edson Pavoni is an artist and technologist investigating human intimacy in its intersection with technology.
Video introduction, 3 min.

Selected Works

site specific / 2022
The first satellite from the Global South with an artistic mission. With it, anyone will be able to send to heaven the name of someone that has passed away.
Orbital Temple in space.
3D rendering by RiseNY&Partners.
Orbital Temple installation at the Mercosul Biennial,
in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Photo by Clara Marques.
exhibition + performance / 2023
The exhibition was the result of three years of research by the artist on topics involving loss, memory and grief, with an emphasis on the Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition is a development of the Inumeráveis Memorial project, which has gathered thousands of stories of victims of the coronavirus in Brazil since 2020.
What we cannot forget at Casa Cósmica, São Paulo.
Images by Estúdio Em Obra.
performatic installation / 2022
An installation made with brain monitors capable of reading the neural activity of two participants as they look at each other. The data collected is then used to create a generative drawing that is projected over an oil painting by Lyora Pisarro.
Two people participate in the Landscapes of the Mind
installation, in New York, USA. Photo by the artist.
exhibition / 2022
A collection of AI-generated digital paintings that reinterpret what we consider sacred. Together with artist Juliana Freire, the works were co-created with software that analyzed over 14 million images of multicultural representations of what we think is holy.
Sacred in Flux shown in São Paulo, Brazil.
Photos by Filipe Berndt.
kinetic installation / 2022
An installation that captures real-time wind movements of a protected forest in the South of Brazil and translates it into a kinetic 10-meter long panel with around 160 paper sculptures, assembled in one day by over 500 participants.
The Crown Shyness installation.
Videos by Clara Marques and Piero Davila.
architecture and digital platform / 2020-
A digital platform and a plan for a physical monument dedicated to telling the stories of Coronavirus' victims in Brazil.
Plan for the Inumeráveis Monument.
3D Renderings by RiseNY&Partners.
installation / 2020
A 24-meter tall light sculpture that materializes the unseen connections of the Hungarian art world. Also an NFT collection made in collaboration with pioneer network scientist Albert-Laszlo Barabási.
Invisible Blue at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art.
Photographed by Bálint Jaska.
kinetic installation / 2019
An installation consisting of six self-watering hanging gardens that move, through a specialized mechanism, according to the plants' needs. When approached by human visitors, the garden places itself at their eye level.
Over the Face of New Waters, images by Gee Galvão.
scenography / 2019
An immersive experience at the intersection between theater and performance. Written and starred by Gabriela Veiga, the play uses generative projections and visuals to explore themes of pain, beauty, mourning and life after death.
Gabriela Veiga interacts with projections made using generative
technology. Images by Rodrigo Rosa and Giorgio D'Onofrio.
site-specific installation / 2018
An interactive mirrored installation that gets activated when three visitors stop in each of the installation's corners. It addresses an intense state of connection in which its result leads to the fragmentation of its full structure.
Participants engage with A Petal for Three in São Paulo.
Photographed by Rafael Socrates.
kinetic installation / 2017
A 22 meter panel that reflects walkers passing by through algorithmic generated creature-like images that react to their movements.
The White Mirror panel gets activated when visitors pass by it.
Images by Rafael Socrates.
photography series / 2015-
An ongoing photographic series in which the artist researches human responses to touch and the quality of the connections that arise from this act.
First Sense is an ongoing photography series
by Edson Pavoni.
installation / 2013
A performatic installation that transforms participants’ love stories into unique 3D printed sculptures.
The Love Project was a performatic installation.
Images by Jorge Teivelis Neto.
site-specific installation / 2013, 2015
A sensory bridge first installed between China and Brazil. When one person touched the glass of the installation in Beijing and another touched the glass in São Paulo, the two physically felt as if they had touched each other. In 2015, it was also presented in two different districts of Dubai.
A Place to Departure in China, photographed by Pedrinho
Fonseca. Images of the installation in Dubai by Edson Pavoni.


In Honor of the Land

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention
to the mountains of colored minerals
that raised themselves
before there were any eyes to see
how the sky painted them with light

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention
to the green fields that spoon
the gray line of the horizon
were the last wild horses run

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention
to the ocean of green trees
the forest being protect by my ancestors
and the xapiripë spirits

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention
to the rivers from below
painted in gold by the nearest star
drawing themselves
in curved unproductive lines
in no hurry to find the ocean

in honor of the land
I also pledge my attention
to the rivers of above
swimming in the sky before being rain

and the rain, my friend,
way before touching anything
will seduce you with its perfume
as Oxum, the Orixá of seduction does

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention
to the best roommates on this planet
the other sentient beings
having the best time when we are not around

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention to outer space
our environment above the sky
with the lights from the past
and the technology of the present
helping me see our world as finite as I am

in honor of the land
I pledge my attention.
Video poetry, 2 min.

Half Oxum

behind the curtain of a waterfall
standing half Oxum half mirror
a woman showing no fear of being naked
opens her eyes looking exactly into mine
and without moving anything but her arm
takes a rose crystal egg from
the place in her body that bleeds

A multi-planetary idea for a non-dystopian future

A Place to Departure in Mars

Sooner than we expect, humankind will become multi-planetary. In fact, Mars seems to be our first destination. If so, it means humans will be far apart from each other as we have never been in our history: that is 250 million miles apart. We will be able to see those in Mars, we will hear our loved one’s voices, but we will probably never be able to touch again.

Place to Departure's mission is to make interplanetary human touch possible. It aims to be a long lasting bridge so that we never lose touch.
Plans for A Place to Departure in human settlements in Mars.
3D Rendering by Guilherme Bullejos.